Seytanin Nefesi

seytaninnefsikapak HUNGARIAN COVERThe Turkish publisher Altin has just released Lessons of Evil in Turkish. You’ll find it here. I am not yet sure how Saytanin Nefesi translates back into English but Devil’s Breath seems to be closest.

This publisher does the Turkish versions for authors like Nora Roberts, Michael Connelly, Dean Koontz. This is the first of my fiction to make it into print.

In other words, I am now an International Author of fiction, just not a domestic author of fiction. As I’ve said before, this is some sort of proof than you just never know.

indygogo bookIn other news, Bear in Mind is on sale now on Kindle here. This will be the last time (I think) before I get the next in the series online. I’m on the home stretch with it!

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Old Grey Widow-Maker

widow maker Sis and I are about to take a cruise. In the past, this was a reasonably frequent occurrence which accounts for our lack of a pot to piss in these days. Sis watches cruise sale sites with the rapt attention that a commodities trader gives to pork bellies or an eagle to chihuahuas. She snatches up buys then evaluates at leisure, often dropping them before deposits become non-refundable.

This particular cruise leaves Fort Lauderdale for Montreal. It is a “repositioning” cruise, meaning they move the ship from its winter runs in the Caribbean up north to its summer runs. These repositioning cruises are typically less money and make some unusual stops. Charlestown, for instance. Halifax. Prince Edward Island.

Where we go isn’t as important to me as that we go. I no longer play trivia or watch the cooking demos or make poodles out of towels. Mostly, I’m happy to plunk myself down and rot, assuming the chair is comfy enough and some sweet young thing hustles up nibblies and hooch every now and then. I watch the ocean roll by.

What is this compulsion to stare at the water? I wasn’t raised near an ocean and none of my relatives is a lemming although there may be a selkie or two if I go back far enough. My oceanic delight does not extend to tsunamis or rogue waves or krackens. On the other hand, I’ve had a few delectable fantasies involving pirates and serving girls.

I enter a trance-like state that must be similar to being either truly calm or truly stupid. I do not form a thought. I do not even try. Pain and anger and grief drain away.

This is peace.

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