Writer Rituals

I saw a DVD of a Roy Williams training camp for kids. He said that before making a free throw, you develop your very own schtick. An extra bounce … a cut of the eyes … a tuck of the head. Whatever, it is yours and will carry you through your b-ball career. I think something like that is true for many writers.

bear bracelet• I have a particular piece of jewelry I wear whenever I am working on a Bear mystery (my current endeavor is Hard to Bear). The bracelet is silver with bear tracks. Also, I must have coffee. It often sits in the cup, gets reheated in the microwave repeatedly until it becomes undrinkable, but it HAS to be there.

• My friend Adrianne Lee can’t begin her day in front of the keyboard until she has completed her make-up. Ideas reside in eyeliner for Lee, apparently … I can imagine that an eyebrow pencil may one day be one of her murder weapons. Oh, and there is an ever-present Diet Coke an arm’s reach away.

• Beth Pratt demands absolute quiet for at least one hour. Nothing bubbling on the stove, no laundry in the dryer, internet off, cell phone in another room. She writes long hand, you know, like they don’t teach any more. And her view is the field behind her house where spring is currently putting on a show.

• Ruth Marcus, who is arguably the busiest person I know, is willing to write in the wee hours. They’re the only ones left. She keeps paper (must be white and unlined) plus a ‘space’ pen next to her bed so she can write while lying down.

Do you have such a writing ritual that you’d care to share?

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Kindle Ratings

If you buy ebooks from Amazon, you might find this interesting; if not it will bore the snot right out of you. Actually, it might anyway. But here goes (apologies if you’re trying to read this on a mobile phone:
cu screenshot
This is part of a screen shot from my Kindle Lessons of Evil page today. The book is currently on sale; I having advertised it today on two promotion sites: Kindle Books & Tips and eReader New Today. These are both nice sites for you to find free/bargain books.

Nobody really knows how many books are on Kindle except the jolly folks at Amazon. Writers claim around 2 million+ but I can’t prove that. Kindle Unlimited claims 700,000 available for the rental program; since that’s an Amazon figure, let’s go with that.

Do you see the lines of blue type on the screen shot? That tells you that, at the very second I took the shot, Lessons of Evil was the 2,024 book of all Kindle books in sales ranking. 2,023 are outselling me today. This figure will go way, way down when my price promotion ends.

category listingBelow that first blue line, are three more that place Lessons of Evil in a variety of categories. If you were looking for a Kindle book that is a historical thriller in the Mystery, Thriller & Suspense category, then LOE is the ninth book listed:
(Oops! it changed to 10 before I took the shot)

These numbers change all the time throughout the day. But this is why so many authors claim bestselling books. It all depends on the size of the category you are in.

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