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One of the lead stories on Yahoo this morning involves a woman ‘pleasuring herself’ while driving. I don’t think they mean she was listening to really good music. Anyway one of the ads to the right of the story was for the new self-driving car from Google. They failed to mention this ‘pleasuring’ benefit of hand-free driving. Gives a whole new meaning to the open road.

Fun House Chronicles is on sale today for just 99 Cents. Think of it as a small contribution to the Send Linda to Hawaii fund.

If you’d like my take on online dating for the senior set, take a look at my article today at

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Bear Claus & Weed

3D_cover Bear Claus mdI am the world’s worst crafter. Don’t know a crochet hook from a knitting needle. But! Here on the back nine, I’ve found a home craft I can do. I’m working on it now.

That book cover to the left should be a hint. Yes! It’s a holiday novella starring Bear and his geriatric gang. Beth from my critique group calls it a Bear Lite story. Sis calls it a cozier cozy than that dark stuff I usually produce. You know, the stuff I like to call cozies with bite.

Look for Bear Claus sometime in the fall. Between now and then, I think I’ll get back to posts about Dog Patch, navel lint, and the local headlines. Important stuff like that. Such as letting you know that, now that MJ is a legal purchase in WA, I may be taking a magic bus from Mr. Buds marijuana shop to the Purple Haze farm during the Sequim Lavender festival this weekend.

Mr. Buds. Purple Haze. God only knows where the tour would go after that!

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